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Workflow Assessment

Most businesses have documents that flow through regular work processes: contracts, sales reports, expense reports, tax records, invoices, purchase orders, customer orders, inventory reports. These documents pass from one department to another, sometimes as paper copies but more often via email or over the web.

Document management software will actually track a document’s progress from one department to the next – known as workflow – allowing employees to focus on getting the job done rather than trying to dig through piles of paper or email confirmations to find out where a critical business document is in the routing, approval or filing process.

With an electronic document management system, gone are the days of misplaced or derailed paperwork. Workflow solutions can help to dramatically increase office efficiency and productivity while streamlining how documents make their way through your company’s business processes – whether from one desk to another, or via the web to remote offices throughout the world. This allows for collaboration and communication within and between departments and organizations – no matter where those groups are located.

No matter how big or small your company is, or how complex or simple your business documents are, there are benefits to implementing electronic document management. Contact us for an evaluation and recommendation of the right solution for your unique business needs.