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Financial Solutions

Choose River Bend Leasing

For over 28 years we have been providing flexible, true in-house leasing options for our valued customers.  Our goal is to assist in your business growth by offering customized financial choices that can easily be modified to your company's unique and changing needs.  Let River Bend Leasing provide you with our personalized approach to providing solutions to acquire the equipment needed to grow your business.  We can provide a wide variety of equipment needed including:

  • Copiers and Multifunction products
  • Large Format Printers
  • Scanners
  • Printers
  • Office Furniture
  • Document Management and Software Solutions
  • Computers and Servers

Consider the benefits of leasing from River Bend Leasing:

Eliminate dealing with the uninterested third party vendors  If you have ever had to deal with a third party leasing company that has no interest in your business, you already understand the benefit of having one point of contact that cares about you.  One number to call to get answers now.

Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)  Industry analysts state that effective leasing strategies can reduce total cost of ownership by 10-15%.  Start with a lease customized to your specific financial and technological needs, add leased document and print management products and finally, eliminate costs associated with disposition.

Refresh your technology  Technologies can change rapidly.  You can upgrade your equipment anytime by modifying your lease.  If you owned the same equipment, you would be forced to buy new equipment again - or allow your company to fall behind technology's leading edge.

Conserve capital  Your company's cash flow can be dedicated to profit generating activities, emergency needs and adjustments.  Furthermore, incidental costs such as sales taxes, and installation charges can be bundled into the lease versus paid up front.

Preserve existing credit lines  Leasing gives you a new source of credit - conserving your credit line for present and future growth.

Finance 100% of your solution  Leasing lets you finance the entire cost of your technology acquisition, including equipment, software  and soft costs.

Take advantage of tax regulations  You may be able to either write off monthly payments as an operating expense or capitalize the outlay.  We recommend you consult with your tax advisor for complete information on how these alternatives may apply to your specific business situation.

Eliminate end of useful life hassles  When you lease, you eliminate end of useful life headaches and costs by simply returning the equipment at the end of the lease term.