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Home Grown Independent

Many people dream of opening their own business.  Very few are actually presented with the opportunity and if given that opportunity, not many new businesses survive past five years.  If the opportunity to open a new business presented itself would you take the risk?  Would you uproot your young family not knowing what the future could hold?  I did.  I guess sometimes the ignorance of youth works out.

In 1982, I was presented with an opportunity to move back to the area where I grew up to open a start-up business selling Canon copiers.  With a promise of future ownership possibilities I jumped at the challenge.

So at the age of 27 with just four years of copier and office products experience, I became the original employee of River Bend Business Products.  I look back and laugh at how naive and non-business savvy I was in the early days. But I had a belief and purpose. And two young children!  In April of 1982 when River Bend Business Products opened, the prime rate was 16.5%.  If I knew then what I know now....Would River Bend Business Products even exist?  Once again, youthful ignorance is bliss.

Our company was founded by a salesman (me) who takes absolute enjoyment in working with businesses to find creative and cost saving ideas to help them succeed.  Our philosophy has always been to work as consultative advisors.  No hard core sales tactics, just good common sense solutions to the challenges businesses face everyday.

I am proud of our many long term employees and how they have grown professionally through the years.  Our staff is highly educated, highly trained and dedicated to the success and growth of your company and ours.

The young kids I mentioned earlier are now in their early 30's and involved in what has become the family business.  One of the biggest challenges to our continued growth is passing on the original high standards of service and professionalism to newer employees.  With two sons in the business, I believe the incentive to continue the established tradition is already built in.

We've had many opportunities over the years to sell to the Corporate Giants as the industry has become more consolidated.  The idea has never appealed to us.  Our beliefs and ideas of how to take care of customers varies too much.  We enjoy our independence and ability to make and adjust our policies as we see fit to provide the highest level of service in our industry.

Another of the great things that comes with being local and independent is accessibility to people with the ability to make decisions quickly.  If River Bend Business Products ever fails to meet your expectations or if you have ideas on how we can improve , e-mail me!  Of course if we do a great job for you it's nice to hear that also.

We look forward to serving Southern Minnesota for many years to come.



Jim Hansen President/CEO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    River Bend Business Products, Inc.