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Full-Service Office Supplies

River Bend Business Products offers a full-line of office supplies – available online, by phone or in person at each of our three Retail Business Centers in southern Minnesota.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff provides great customer service. Our selection rivals that of any box store – and so do our prices.

While many people believe they must shop at big box stores and national retailers to get the best prices on office supplies, we can assure you that just isn’t true. We have all been conditioned to look at weekly and online ads for the best prices on office supply items, and if you are shopping for one specific item you may be able to shop around town to find the best deal on one pack of pens or a box of printer paper.

However, consumer research regarding box store pricing shows that, while box stores may offer one or two items per week at a deep discount, their overall pricing is designed to mislead consumers into believing they are getting rock-bottom pricing on their total office supplies purchase. Click here for data on how box stores manipulate their pricing to their own advantage.

Contrast an average box store experience with a shopping experience at one of River Bend Business Products Retail Business Centers. Come into our well-lit, clean, locally-owned and operated locations and be greeted by a member of our staff, who is trained to help you choose the supplies you need. Shop for office supplies, office furniture, printers and more.

Pick up a catalog, chat with our staff about free delivery options, setting up a local business account, e-mailing your print jobs, or shopping online.

We guaranteed the experience will be pleasant, and that you’ll be pleased with your savings too. Feel free to contact us for more information.