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Multifunction systems combine low cost with high productivity. Our reputable brands of MFPs print documents of scalable sizes and in variable volumes. These systems also have many time-saving finishing options like stapling, booklet-making and three-hole punching, color printing and lower operating costs. At River Bend Business Products, we understand that high quality black & white and color output is critical to your internal communications and your marketing efforts.

High Performance Output

Business operates today at a much faster pace than ever before. As a result, requiring your employees to wait for the output of any document can significantly hamper your office’s productivity. Multifunction devices are designed to be scalable to include greater speeds and quality for both color and black and white output, thus increasing your operational efficiency.

Unique Finishing Features

Most inkjet and laser printers lack production-level finishing options. This lack of production capability necessitates offline finishing, which can decrease overall operational efficiency. Multifunction devices allow for the addition of production quality finishing options such as offset stacking, multi-position stapling, booklet-making, online bindery options and three-hole punching.

Multi-function Systems Versus Printers

As with anything, there is a right tool for the job. Laser printers are ideally suited for small printing applications and low volume. Choosing a multifunction system over a printer requires understanding how to choose the most effective and efficient tool for your business.

For very small print volumes over a long period of time, the higher toner and maintenance costs of a laser printer may be the right choice. More often than not, however, the low toner and maintenance costs of a multifunction system will provide a greater value for mid- to high-end printing applications.

Because a multifunction system offers copying, printing, scanning and faxing, it can provide a greater value to your employees than a simple inkjet or laser printer. If you are interested, please take the time to learn more about our printers.

To learn how multifunction systems can increase your productivity, contact us today.